Wrong for San Jose.

Cindy Chavez voted to spend $76 million of federal COVID relief funds on bonuses for her cronies and counterparts in county government. ¹

Dollars meant to help struggling families and businesses instead pad the pockets of public employees.

Even county executives making salaries over $330,000, received generous bonuses of $2,500 ²

That is money that could have gone to helping working families struggling to get by in the midst of a global pandemic.

Even members of Chavez’s own political party called the actions “indefensible.” ³


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Cindy Chavez voted to spend $4.5 million on valet parking services for her and county staff. ⁴

When presented with the option of extending the county’s parking services contract and requiring county staff to park their own cars, Chavez voted No. Instead, opting for the multi-million-dollar valet contract. ⁵

Thanks in part to Cindy Chavez, taxpayers are on the hook for millions to valet park cars at the County Civic Center.

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Cindy Chavez voted to increase funding for the contractor who led the disastrous Valley Medical Center construction project. ⁶

The Santa Clara County Executive stated that the delays forced the county to “Turn Away Patients, Daily” and “Lose at Least $100,000 a Day in Revenue” ⁷

What did Cindy Chavez do? Approved giving the contractor an additional $15 million – twice! ⁶

Chavez’s approved contractor ended up costing the county three years in delays and millions of dollars in lawsuits.

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